Santiago de Compostela part 1

It’s been a while since I’ve written something and, truly, I wouldn’t have done it for a long time either, but what I’ve discovered is worth being shared. Galicia – the land of good food, happy people and breath taking landscapes. At the end of the Camino de Santiago you will discover Santiago de Compostela

Good food?

Better yet, awesome food. It’s basically impossible not to find something good to eat here, even if you are the pretentious type. Don’t like pork, beef, fish, sea food? no problems, some grilled bio veggies will do. The dishes here make you feel that you are kinda back to basics, to simple, delicious, slow cooked food.

Cañas, Tapas y Vino

There is a lot to talk about Galician cuisine but the first thing that you have the most chances to take contact with, are the tapas and the cañas. I am not a bier drinker but I find the 200ml glass of bier method way nicer then the 1 L German tank. So, you order your small bier or wine (btw. they have awesome wines as well), and puff, out of nowhere a small platter of food. Depending on the place you go, you can actually have dinner from 3 biers:) (preferably Estrella Galicia).

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Small streets, medieval atmosphere, nice people

At least the old city center area is like this. Starting from the Cathedral of Santiago, just follow a random way towards the heart of the center area and you will discover its pulse. The nice neighbors that say hello one another, the others that already are taking caña breaks, the paths covered with stone, the smell of some nice octopus being cooked close by. No wonder people are nice here:)

It’s not beaches and sand

…but green everywhere, forests, mountains, rivers, you got the idea. Of course if you want to move around a little you can  also reach the ocean. But that in a later post.

Surrounding Santiago the landscape is as green as the bavarian mountains but wilder. Because here it rains a lot, the vegetation is blooming. If you wake up early enough in the morning you get the chance to see this:

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There is a lot to talk about but i keep it short, pictures always say more than 1000 words, don’t they?

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