Moldova, oh Moldova

I will start by saying that Romania is an awesome, lively, you want/have to visit it country. Some parts of Romania are nicer than the others and traveling from one point to the other will allow you to discover what you actually like the most. Unfortunately, depending on the region, the transportation meanings vary from excellent to “i will never use this s***t ever again”. You can use the internet to search for ways to get from A to B, but this also doesn’t work well: the displayed information is most of the times not updated. If you want to visit the Moldova region, prepare yourself with nerves of steel, you might need them. Here is what happened to me.

One week ago i was unfortunate enough to go through a “am I still in the middle ages?” experience. What actually happened: I took a bus from the Transbus Codreanu company for a 127 Km trip, a hell trip that is. To start, I called for a reservation and the person in charge told me there is no need for one because the buss will be empty. Even though I was almost sure that that piece of information is wrong, I still decided to travel with them. The bus was of course almost full and the only free seats available were wet because the window sealing was broken. The driver’s answer to the “why are the seats wet” question was simply: a colleague of mine rolled the bus over one night before but still the company decided to use it the next day. All of a sudden everything made sense: the vibrating windows, the continuous shaking of the bus and the fact that the driver used a piece of clothing to clean the front window. Being probably tired from so much cleaning, he took a cigarette brake. This wouldn’t have been a problem if it would happen outside, but no, our friend opened the window and started smoking inside. All this time i was thinking of my baggage that was in an area that couldn’t be closed (probably the lock got lost in the accident). After 3 hours (≈42Km/h avg. speed?!) i finally arrived, with an wet ass (the bag slipped from under me), the nerves tensioned but happy to have make it well to destination.

Even though we are in 2017 some transportation companies still offer you 90’s traveling conditions and Transbus Codreanu is one of them. If you travel to or from Brasov, you should avoid them. I leave you with some pictures and an advice: research your travel possibilities if you go to Romania. It could make a difference.


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