Crazy dance at the barber shop

Yesterday i had the most shocking experience since I’m going to the barber shop. It all started when i was searching for a nice place to cut my hair. Because the prices here in Munich vary from place to place, more than the array of the planets in the universe, i tried of course to get to a place with normal ones. First one found but after considering that 17€ are too much for the service i didn’t bother to go in. My friend Google says that around the corner there is another barber: Hairgott (god of hair in English). Not thinking about the pompous name i go inside and ask if they have time for me. 1 minute later i was already in the chair. From behind me approached a panther like middle age woman. She presented herself, i did the same and we started discussing about the way i want my new look to be like. After a couple of seconds she says with the tone of god himself (i was in his barber shop at the end): i don’t like the way your hair looks like now. Hmm no shit Sherlock that’s why i came to the saloon my mind was thinking. She continued: i will try to work something out.

Some minutes passed my hair was shorter and shorter and then the madness started.
Have to specify that until this point she only used the machine to cut my hair. Things changed dramatically when she started using the scissors. In that moment her moves started to be like a dance. I was getting my hair done and watching ballet in the same time. I had the feeling that she was like a mad artist that also knows how to dance. It somehow reminded of this commercial to Kenzo perfume.

A cut here, one there, a tear, a laughter and a pirouette later my hair was looking like one if god’s angels:)))
A hair wash with an amazing massage and i was ready to go out on the busy street having to leave the zen oasis behind. It didn’t even matter that i payed 38€, the ballet was worth it all.
One day after, while writing this, I’m still shocked

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