The craziness of Amsterdam’s traffic

I admit, since i moved to Germany i always thought that here is the best place to cycle in the city till… i went to Amsterdam. Not only that i almost got run over by 3 bikes, but i also survived a car/bike/green light situation. Yes, there as a pedestrian it seems like you are at the bottom of the transportation chain:)

What i cannot understand is how they can ride so fast with those bikes. Most of them don’t even have gears, the handlebar is weirdly twisted towards you and don’t even get me started on the ones that look like they are 100 years old (rusted and stuff). Having said all that, i still love the beautiful dance that the traffic in Amsterdam displays. Like a colony of ants which never stop moving around…


I’m almost sorry i didn’t bring my bike with me. So i can take some nice pictures of it, like this one


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